Wednesday, October 9, 2013

World's Strangest Expensive Food

Over at Scare Me On Fridays we are Counting Down To Halloween today by viewing financial thrillers.  Given what is going on in the country with this shut down and the technical default on US sovereign debt on the 17th, and given that my job is a market trader I had to take the sting out how bad things are getting out there by showing just how scary this stuff can be.  More scar than Freddie Kruger, Jason Voorhees and Michael combined, scarier than cynobites, heck it's even scarier than Hello Kitty!  Here's how strange food can get when the ultra rich (which I most definitely AM NOT) are buying...

World's Most Expensive Cupcake:  a whopping $27,000 

Most Expensive Popsicle:  $1000

OK, this is just crazy...caviar "burger"

Most Expensive Sundae:  $2700 (personally I like my ice cream free of bowls of caviar).

This one hurts the environment and indigenous societies:  Bird's Nest Soup

Black Ivory Coffee--arguably the most expensive coffee in the world...beans are picked out of Elephant dung!  OK....

$5000 Hamburger!

Almas Golden Caviar:  From Iran (we can't buy it, but China can!)

More Poop Coffee:  Kopi Luwak (the other condender for world's most expensive coffee)

Fugu:  not only is the stuff can kill you if not prepared properly!

This is a type of black watermelon, cost:  $5,945!

A $4200 Pizza!

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