Saturday, February 23, 2013

List Of Native American Cookbooks

Note:  This is a work in progress, so bear with me!  I just didn't want to wait to put it up.

Enduring Harvests
E. Barrie Kavasch (Chickamauga Cherokee/Powhatan/Muskogee Creek/
The Globe Pequot Press, 1995

Pueblo Indian Cookbook
Compiled and Edited by Phyllis Hughes
Museum of New Mexico Press, 1977 (first published in 1972)

Native American Gardening
Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki)
Fulcrum Publishing, 1996

Hopi Cookery
Juanita Tiger Kavena (Muskogee Creek, married into the Hopi)
The University Of Arizona Press, 1992

Fixin' Food:  Ch'iyáán Al'i
Recipes For Native American Foods
Holbrook Seventh-day Adventist Indian School, 1993

American Indian Cooking
Carolyn Niethammer
University Of Nebraska Press, 1999 (first published in 1974)

Southwest Indian Cookbook:  Pueblo & Navajo Images, Quotes & Recipes
Marcia Keegan
Clear Light Publishers, 1996 (first published in 1987)

False Tongues And Sunday Bread:  A Guatemalan And Mayan 
Copeland Marks
M. Evans And Company, Inc., 1985

Pow Wow Chow
A Collection Of Recipes From Families Of The Five Civilized Tribes
Five Civilized Tribes Museum, 1984

Kokopelli's Cook Book
James & Carol Cunkle
Golden West Publishers, 2005 (first printed in 1997)

Arizona Cookbook:  Indian, Mexican, Western
Compiled by Al Fischer & Mildred Fischer
Golden West Cookbook, 1993

Wilderness Cookery
Brad Angier
Stackpole Books, 1970 (first published in 1961)
[Lots of Canadian native recipes.]

The Sunset Farms Cookbook
Rubye Alley Bumgarner
John F. Blair, 1980
[Large number of native recipes, mostly Cherokee]

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