Saturday, October 12, 2013

Strange, But Seriously Indigenous Mexican Foods

Caradilla (Bull Balls) Tacos

Escamoles (Ant Eggs aka Caviar)

 Giant Water Boatman Eggs

Axolotl (now rare and no longer eaten)

More Ant Caviar

This is as traditional as you get in Mexico!  White Agave "Worms" fried and served with guacamole.  Completely 're-Columbian!!!!

Armadillo on the grill!

I love this stuff!  "Worm Salt"  Seriously, it is the coolest thing to put around a margarita glass.

Iguana Tacos

"Chocolate" Clams

Huitlacochtli aka Corn Fungus

Mexican Geoduck...they are clams in case you are wondering...

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