Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Strange And Interesting Mayan Food

Again I didn't have the time to get this up last night due to monitoring the markets in Asia.  Some of these foods come from recipes and ingredients that have been part of the Maya for literally thousands of year.  Some like pork brains have only been around for a few hundred years.  The Maya made seasoning pastes, called Xak (pronounced "Shahk" or "Zahk" depending on the dialect), they have been called the curries of the New World, and they are utterly unique to the Maya!

Tree Resin Chewing Gum
Stinky Toe Fruit

Pork Brains, Andrew Zimmern found this out while visiting a Maya community in Belize!

Turkey in Black Sauce--similar to Mole'

Tamales For The Dead

Purple Tomatillo (Tomatoes In Husks)

Large Tamal Based On The Maya Calendar.  This is not an actual photo of that, it's a cornbread with jalapenos, but it looks very much like the Calendar Tamal.

Shrubs.  This is Chaya, a very traditional Maya food that is stuffed like grape leaves.

Iguana Tamales.  These are actually mentioned in the Dresden Codex.

Ts'anchak Bi Vetch (Armadillo Cooked in Seasoned Sauce.

Pumpkin Flowers

Xnipek or Xni Pec (Nose Of The Dog Salsa)

Whole Gouda, 4 pounds, they stuff it.

Horchata, a beverage made from white rice and almonds

X-Tanchucua (a corn and chocolate drink)

Balche' (a sacred fermented "wine" made from Balche' bark (very ancient!).

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