Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Financial Pumpkins

A goodly number of these pumpkins are not just from Occupy Wall Street movement, but feature Rupert the Pumpkin, a googly eyed pumpkin creature passed around the cause...  As a real professional all market trader (meaning, that's what I do for a living), I have no problem with Occupy Wall Street!  Unlike a lot of my colleagues.  This is a "you shove it House of Reps post!"  Gov. still shut down....

This is Rupert.

A Jamie Dimon Pumpkin...I really hate this guy!  Glad to see him FINALLY getting what he has always had coming to him.
This is an actual working electronic stock ticker pumpkin....not actually made from a pumpkin obviously!


  1. Replies
    1. I might just have to get me a Rubert pumpkin for Halloween. Might make me feel better about this Oct. 17 debt limit deadline!