Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ayotli Mexicol (Pumpkins Of Mexico)

Variety of pumpkin used as food in Mexicol

Today is Dia de la Raza in Mexicol (AKA Mexico).  It's their version of Columbus Day, which this mixed blooded Indian Woman HATES!  It's bad enough that we still have that here in the US (coming up on Monday), but, one could make the argument that it's worse in Mexico, where indigenous culture is so front in center!  So over at my Scare Me On Fridays blog we are protesting with an early entry of Miccailhuitl (Dias de los Muertos AKA Days of the Dead) and frights set in Mexico.  Here is a gallery of Mexican and Aztec carved Halloween pumpkins!

Aztec Design

Really cool Lowrider Pumpkin!

One could take this a kooky take on Xipe Totec (Our Lord, the Flayed One)!


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