Thursday, February 28, 2013

Books On Native Food For Children

Native American Gardening:  Stories, Projects And Recipes For Families
Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac (Abenaki)
Fulcrum Publishing, 1996
(Has Recipes)

Food & Feasts With The Aztecs
Imogen Dawson (Choctaw)
New Discovery Books, 1995
(Has Recipes)

Food And Recipes Of The Native Americans
George Erdosh
Rosen Publishing Group, 1997

American Indian Cooking Before 1500
Mary Gunderson
Blue Earth Books, 2001
(Has Recipes, please note that for convenience, some introduced ingredients such as Cumin.  E. Barrie Kavasch of native food fame was a consultant.)

American Indian Foods
Jay Miller
Grolier Publishing, 1996

Ininatig's Gift Of Sugar
Laura Waterman Wittstock (Stockbridge-Munsee/Seneca)
Lerner Publications Co., 1993

El Gusto Del Mercado Mexicana (A Taste Of The Mexican Market)
Written & Illustrated by:  Nancy Maria Grande Tabor
Charlesbridge, 1996
(Bilingual, Espanol and English)

Corn Is Maize:  The Gift Of The Indians
Harper Collins, 1976

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