Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Strange South Pacific Food

Se'e (Samoa), brined raw sea cucumber guts.

Coconut Grubs

Spam Sushi

Samoan Fruit Bat

Poi (Hawaii)

Balut (The Philippines)
Native Bee Salad:  Formosa (Taiwan)
"Long Pig" AKA Human Flesh.  This is an oven in a cave in Fiji actually used to cook people

Camaro, The Philippines (Fried Field Crickets)

Shave Ice With Beans:  Hawaii

Grill Blackened Sheep Tail:  New Zealand

Stuffed Raw Fish Head:  Tahiti

Durian Fruit:  smells like rotten cheese

Not allowed on public transportation!

Witchetty Grub:  Australia

Duruka:  Fiji

Halo Halo, or Filipino Fruit Sundae or Shave Ice
Haka Aka Bud (Bud Of Pandanus):  Micronesia

Sago processing:  Melanesia

Strange Things On Sticks:  The Philippines

Snake Wine:  Vietnam

More Spam Sushi...

Stinky Tofu:  Taiwan

Betamax:  The Philippines (Grilled Blood Pudding On A Stick)
Taro Luau:  Hawaii

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