Monday, October 14, 2013

Mayan Pumpkins

These cute guys are in a Mercado in the Yucatan

Here are some native pumpkins cultivated by various Maya peoples across the current Maya territories.

A Guatemala Blue

Pumpkins in a Guatemalan mercado

Native Pumpkin from Chiapas

Pumpkins being sold in the Yucatan

Bottle Pumpkin in Chiapas

Huastec pumpkin from Veracruz

Orange Gourd Pumpkin:  Chiapas

Mongongo Du and very ancient type of pumpkin from Guatemala

Small Green Pumpkin:  Chiapas

Green Guicoy Pumpkin:  Very Ancient!

Red Guicoy

Mayan Pumpkin Pot (Ceramic)

Pumpkin on grave in Belize

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