Saturday, October 26, 2013

Strange International Foods

White Asparagus

Fois Gras & Caviar Ice Cream

Frogs Legs

This is one of the smelliest cheeses in the world!


Natto:  "Fermented" Beans

Strange Ice Cream Flavors

Rice "Preserved" Fish:  Andrew Zimmern Of Bizarre Foods, says that it tastes really rotten!

Snake Ice Cream!

Bug Sushi

Bear Steaks

Salo (Raw Pig Fat)

Kholodets (Meat Jello)

Herring Under Blanket

Canned Atlantic Herring

Cotton Candy

State Fair Foods:  this is actually a chocolate covered pickle!  Shaggy would LOVE this!

Strange Flavored Crisps


I've actually had this!

Glamorgan Sausages

These are from Northern Ireland

Strange Flavored Dumplings

Weird Flavored Processed Potato Chips

Whole Knuckles Of Meat

Liver Dumpling Soup

Blau Karpfen (Blue Carp) Traditional Christmas Eve Dish

Cloudberries, this are weird because they're rare

Horse Meat Lasagne


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