Sunday, October 20, 2013

Strange British Food

Since we were throwing a birthday party complete with me cooking most of the day yesterday, I did not have time to post a strange food gallery for the Countdown To Halloween.  Here is list of some truly strange foods from Britain!

Toad In The Hole


Cornish Yarg

Actual cockles are a type of shellfish (also eaten in the UK), but these "cockles" are actually mints.
"Winkles" or Periwinkles

Stottie Cake (dipped in gravy it becomes a "Stottie Dip.")

Stargazy Pie

Yes it's made from blood.  It's good, especially fried in bacon fat!

Lucky Tatties, a type of biscuit (that's cookie to us here in the US)

Laverbread--it's made from seaweed

Jellied Eel

Sussex Pond Pudding

Hevva Cake--it's from Cornwall, which is actually a Celtic region.

Did you know that people from Liverpool are known as "Scoucers?"  Well this stew, called Scouse, is where the name comes from.

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