Sunday, October 30, 2011

Onzaan (Basic Boiling Of Wild Rice)

The instruction I'm providing here are from Paula Geise who was a serious native foody and a serious native activist in her time.  Unfortunately she has passed on to the next world, but her food pages can still be found on the web at this website.  I'm largely paraphrasing her instructions, since you can read here original writing for yourself.  Did ya get past that big strawberry Paula?  You always said you wouldn't!

This is really best made from the wild harvest seeds (if you use this for domestic, cooking time will longer and you may need to add more water).  The wild type taste great right on it's own as a side dish--those who know the stuff really well can tell where it was harvested by it's taste!  This is also the basic prep for cooked rice to springboard onto other dishes, like salads.  Best place to get the real native stuff is at Native Harvest.


Measure the water 4 parts water to 1 parts wild rice (that comes to 1 cup of rice to four cups of water).  Bring water to boil, rinse the rice well and add the rice to the slowly and cover, after about 45 minutes the water should be all taken up.  When all the water is absorbed it should be done.  DO NOT SALT IT.  One of her very important warnings is, that if you intend to use this in another cooked recipe with stuffing, and especially soup, do not boil it until it's all mushy.  If your are serving plain, then taste it.  It may not need salt, if it does, add just and little and fluff with fork.  Serve plain or buttered.  

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