Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harvest Ingredient 20: Red Chile

Having already done green chile, I thought is was time to tackle was of Fall's true harvest treasures, the red chile.  Although most dried chiles are a red or reddish color, mostly when we talk of red chile, the dried New Mexican chile is what comes to mind--such as the above ristras being dried in a Fall sun.  Though truthfully, it can, and often does, refer to fresh red chiles as well.

As mentioned in the post on green chiles, there is no evidence of any large podded chiles in the southwest before the Spanish came into the area on the 16th century.  But they are there now!  And as such, none seems more important than the dried New Mexican chile.  In behind the Three Sisters of Corn, Bean and Squash, Chile has rose to become possibly the 4th most important food grown by Native American in the Four Corners states.

In addition to the well known New Mexican chili, the Anaheim first brought to California from Mexico in 1900, is well known in it's dried red form, often showing up in supermarkets as "California chile pods."  These tend not to be a hot of as their New Mexican cousin and make excellent slightly spicy relishes.  These two dried peppers, along with dried cayenne/chile de arbol go into making red pepper flakes.  

Chile Anaheim--dried

What follows is a list of dried red capsicums used throughout the New World and some other places.

Ali Mirasol or Kellu Uchu in the Quechua (Inca) language

Catarina from Texas

Dried Cayenne Pod

Chihuacle Rojo in Oaxaca

Chilcostle Chili also from Oaxaca

Chiltepe again from Oaxaca

Costeno Oaxaca/Guerrero

Chile de Arbol or Tree Pepper originally from Central Mexico, now wide spread

Guajillo Chiles also from Central Mexico, easy to find

Dried New Mexican chiles

Onza Rojo--Oaxaca

Pasado Chiles--New Mexico
Dried Pepperoncini--Southern Italy, original cultivar Southern US


Pico de Pajaro--North and Central Mexico

Serrano Seco, originally Veracruz

Chile Tepin--wild in Southwest/North Mexico, native to Sonoran Desert

Tuxtla--with Wild chile from Southern Mexico


Aji Dulce--Venezuela to points south in South America

Fresh Ripe (Red) Anaheims

Red And Green De Aqua Chiles-Oaxaca

Fiesta Ornamental Chili--Texas
Dutch or Holland Red

Fips Ornamental--Northern Mexico
Fresno Chile

Red Habaneros--Yucatan & Caribbean

Huachinango Chiles--Puebla & Veracruz

Cherry Peppers--Mexico & Hungary

Hungarian Sweet Red Peppers--Paprika Pepper
Red Jalapeno--Veracruz
Jamaican Hot Red
Red Machos--Oaxaca & Yucatan
Fresh Red New Mexico Chile
Red Peruvian Chile
Peter Peppers---yeah I know!!
Fresh Pimento Pepper
Red Poblanos
Red Rocotillos--Andes
Red Serranos--Mexico

Fresh Red Tabascos--Tabasco & Pueblo Mexico
Fresh Red Tepin or Wild Chile--Sonoran Desert & Texas

Red Thai Chilis--Thailand from De Arbol/Cayenne Cultivar

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