Friday, October 14, 2011

Easy Jicama With Chili

Traditional Jicama With Chili

This is as easy as it gets; but it is also very traditional and very old!  It pairs great with tequila and mezcal and goes well with mixed drinks made with either. This goes all the way back to pulque drinks times!

1/2 to 1 Jicama, peeled

Powdered Chili of choice (most often this is the chile tepin, a little wild, some call "vicious" chili that is hotter than cayenne, but cayenne will do fine, or a powdered milder chili works too, even modern powdered green jalapeno is nice.)

Lime wedge (optional)

Cut the jicama in half, cut into slice, sprinkle with the powdered chili, serve with lime wedge for an appetizer, palate cleanser or snack with drinks.


Cut the jicama into sticks or into various shapes.  Cookie cutters work well for this.

Serve with chopped fresh chiles or pickled chiles

These make a great addition to barbecues and picnic if they are put on skewers and dressed.

Serve dressed this way as dippers for salsas, guacamole or taco dips.

Dress with a prepared Chili/Lime condiment like Tajin, Pueblo Chili con Limon or Valentina brands.

Dress with the pure chili and sprinkle on some Lime Salt.

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