Saturday, July 26, 2014

Something New: Music Video Of The Day

I have a huge Native American music collection and have a playlist on my iTunes that currently features over 2900 items of and pertaining to Native music of the New World and South Pacific.  I used to have Yahoo list many, many years ago the topic of which was Native music.  I wanted to share some this, but short of starting another blog right now (I barely have time for the one's I have) I thought I would share some of it here.  First up is a traditional ceremonial beginning to Danza gatherings.  It comes from the above featured album, picturing Maestro de los Maestros Lazaro Arvizu of the Los Angeles famed Xipe Totec Danza Azteca.  Copal is a native incense that comes from southern Mexico and is extremely sacred.  Xavier, who is a leading expert on Meso American pre-contact instruments (he makes them), is of Huichol ancestry.

Speaking of sacred; eagle bone whistles are extremely sacred both here in the US and Canada, but also in Mexico as well.  Here's a cool little clip on their manufacture and how they sound (as well as substitutes made from copper) hailing from Jemez Pueblo down New Mexico

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