Monday, July 28, 2014

More About The Video Of The Day

Alejandro Escovedo comes from one hell of a musical family.  Not only is he an extremely prolific solo artist, singer/songwriter and terrific live act, but he got his start in numerous punk bands, most notably Rank and File.  His family includes the late Coke Escovedo who was a member of Santana and went on to found his own group Azteca (which was revived by his son and another brother Pete).  Pete also has a solo career and makes big band type recordings with a Chicano bent (good stuff BTW!).  Younger brothers Mario and Javier were in notable bands of their own, with Javier being in the punk band The Zeros, with yesterday's featured artist Robert Lopez AKA El Vez.  Finally Sheila E. is Alejandro's niece (she is the daughter of Pete).  That's a lot of music for one family!!  I've never had the pleasure of seeing him live in person (something I'd love to remedy someday!), but I have seen numerous performances of his, most via YouTube, and can attest that he ROCKS!  Below is a live performance of "Notes On Air" from the Air City Winery in NYC, January 2013.

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