Sunday, July 27, 2014

More About The Video Of The Day

Robert Lopez AKA El Vez--The Mexican Elvis is a lot more than just an Elvis impersonator.  Hard to explain what he does with words--much easier to just listen.  He actually got his start in a punk band, The Zeros, as a guitar player; a band that had a member from the ultra-famed Escovedo clan (more about members of that family later).  The song featured here is from his 1994 parody of the famous Paul Simon album "Graceland" (obvious from the cover--also somewhat referencing conquistadors at the same time).  The song, which is hard to get out of your head once heard, is about the last Emperor of the Triple Alliance, better known as the Aztec Empire:  the much sung about, even to this day, Cuauhtemoc, whose name roughly translates in English to "descending eagle."

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