Tuesday, July 29, 2014

More About Today's Video

There is NO WAY that I could say enough about John Trudell!  Suffice to say, that when it comes to the Baby Boomer generation of natives, he is IT!  One of the founders of the American Indian Movement (AIM), served as it's leader in the volatile 1970's, lived through the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee, dealt with the aftermath of the Jumping Bull shooting and numerous other murders, including the death of his friend and fellow activist Anna Mae Pictou Aquash (for more on her tragic death, please click here).  He lost his entire family on the Duck Valley reservation to a clear case of arson, and still came through for others, such as down on his luck world famous Kiowa guitarist Jessie Ed Davis.  He has always been a poet, but has never liked the beat poetry movement, so he founded his own style of musical poetry--this is one is his earliest efforts released originally on cassette in the mid-80's.  To know more, watch the nearly 80 minute documentary below.  

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