Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More About The Video

I've mentioned before that I will sometimes include videos that feature various Native American languages that are reading the Bible in their language.  Such is the case with the video featuring the Warao language of Venezuela seen here.  The language is considered a language isolate, which, considering it's status for being unrelated to any surrounding language of the northern Amazon is actually well documented and is taught at levels as high as University; it origins seem to have been along the upper parts of the Rio Orinoco . It is also spoken in parts of Suriname and French Guiana.   It is also famous amongst people who study Native American languages as being the most probable link to another language isolate from my home in Florida, the Timucua language.  

I do have to say that it does bother me that a Christian organization is doing more than translating a very foreign religious text into a fairly  language--that is their right (more or less, since after all we are talking about Venezuela here)--but to produce video of the area of the Levant, which is so foreign to people of the Amazon or any rain forest, or for most of the rest of the world for that matter, it's pretty difficult to deal with if you happen to be a Traditionalist like myself.  So to kind of counter this, I have embedded two videos below of a song from a different region of the Amazon from the important Brazilian ethnomusicologist Marlui Miranda, who I have written about before.  The language featured here is a Tupian tongue called SuruĂ­.  The video with the children is a big favorite of mine!!

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