Saturday, September 13, 2014

More About Today's Music

Considered by many as the "Father Of Delta Blues," and, in fact, that is one of his nicknames, Charley Patton was of Tsalagi/African/Caucasian ancestry (just like Jimi Hendrix).  Howlin' Wolf, through, thought and insisted throughout his entire lifetime that Patton was actually a full-blooded Cherokee, something that seemed to bother him to some degree, despite that it clearly wasn't true--he could never be convinced otherwise.  This is not the classic "Oh Death" that most people know; it is actually a track that Patton pinned himself and was recorded with frequent collaborator and wife Bertha Lee (he was often her accompanist for her own solo work, more about this later).  It can be found on several recordings.  One of the most recent releases to contain a complete catalog of his recordings from 1929 through to 1934, the year he died of a heart ailment--pictured below, it contains not just Patton's own work, and that of Bertha Lee, but everyone of his sessions during that time, some of which were recorded with the legendary Son House.  For more about Patton, click here.

Album issue showing a photo of Patton with Bertha Lee

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