Sunday, September 21, 2014

More About Today's Music

It might seem strange that I would post a video of white guys from Australia on a Native American music post, but actually it makes a great deal of sense, especially my take on Native music.  First and foremost, I enjoy seeing traditions that native of the New World and those of the South Pacific have in common--I often approach native meal planning with this in mind.  Secondly, Midnight Oil has not only stood as activists for the Australian Aboriginal people, but they have also, from time to time, done the same here in the US.  In fact, on one of the tours not long after this album was released, they had John Trudell and his band open for them here domestically.  So enjoy this with all the beauty of the Outback is presented against a song that was long over due for it time--standing with the people who were there first and for thousands and thousands of years.

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