Saturday, August 16, 2014

More About Today's Music

I am a real sucker for collecting movie soundtracks, so much so that I have to limit myself to just one per months for budgetary reasons.  I have been a lifelong fan of Ry Cooder and both a solo act and as a collaborator with all sorts of other musicians, very many of them from the Chicano and Native areas in California and Texas.  For example, he has played with the absolutely sublime Flaco Jimenez, accordion genius, since the 1970's (more about Flaco at a later date!).  So, it went without saying that when Cooder starting composing for the pictures, I went a bit ga-ga.  This the main title for the 1993 Walter Hill (one of my favorite independent directors!) film entitle Geronimo:  An American Legend, starring Wes Studi (Tsalagi) [pictured above], Jason Patric (of Lost Boys fame), Gene Hackman, Robert Duval, Matt Damon, Rodney Grant (Omaha), Steve Reevis (Blackfeet) and a whole host of other talent, both Native and non-Native.  

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