Monday, August 4, 2014

More About Today's Featured Music

This may, on the surface, be a bit confusing.  This is obviously not from Native America or even Hawaii--it is, in fact, from Sweden.  So why is it featured here?  Because the singing style has connections to the singing style of both indigenous Inuit singers and Scandinavian native populations to the North:  The Saami (often called Laplanders, which they don't like).  The Saami populations of the great white North have forged a connection on a couple of levels with Inuits in modern times, if not before then.  The singing styles have migrated south.  Hedningarna, in the lineup featured here, featured both Finnish and Swedish singers,, with the Finnish girls having the most connection to Saami singing styles.  The subject matter of the song is also very familiar to songs of honour by native people's of the New World.  On my list, I love to feature contrasts of these types of similar vocal styles.  The are at the top of world offers the most connected forms of musical expression; it has become a bit of an obsession with me to explore that.  If you have an interest in exploring native musical traditions of Scandinavia, the "Nordic Roots" compilations are a great place to start.  More about this in months to come.

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