Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More About Today's Featured Video

From time to time I am likely to replace music clips with language clips, and this is the first of those types of posts.  The movie was produced by the organization that runs the Faith Comes By Hearing website for audio Bibles in all sorts of languages from around the world.  The Bibles can be had for free in iTunes store as podcasts. Although not a practicing Christian myself, I consider myself an Traditionalist, I fully support free of religion for all; I used the various podcasts on my LARGE playlist, that has just topped out at just over 3,000 items, as examples of various native languages from hear in the New World and few from the south Pacific--many of them highly endangered.  Take the language here for example, Guayabero, is a language from Colombia that belongs to the Guajiboan group.  Although there are only 1000 to 2000 people that belong the ethnic group, the language is vigorous amongst them.  Other languages from the same country are critically endangered.  A Great source of living language information can be had at the Ethnologue website (which features a "Language Of The Day" (in case you need another "of the day" feature!) on their homepage.  Here is the link for Guayabero page on Ethnologue.

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