Thursday, February 28, 2013

Recipe: Northwest Style Dried Berry Punch

My whole family is still recovering from bouts with the flu, during which I discovered this really easy and delicious punch!  I served it hot, but it can easily be served cold.  It comes from a little known native cookbook by Carol Batdorf entitled Northwest Native Harvest and features all manner of Coast Salish recipes.  

Large handful of dried berries of any sort (I used regular and golden raisins)
Boiling water
Honey to sweeten (if you can get it, fireweed honey is great from the region!)

"Drop a handful of dried berries into of pot of boiling water.  Any kind or combination of berries will do.  Allow the berries to simmer for half an hour.  Strain this juice into another pot.  Add the honey and heat just enough to blend the flavors.  Drink it hot or allow it to cool.  Stir the cooled to keep the honey in solution."

Note:  I used a teapot, instead of a second pot and covered it with a tea cozy.  It was good with the local gallberry honey!  If you like, float a thin slice of you favorite citrus on top.

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