Monday, October 1, 2012

Today's Scary Maya Images


This is Maya ruined city in Belize which is rumoured to by very, very haunted! You would think that more stories of Mayan ruins being haunted would crop up...but turns out they are relatively rare.  The apparition at this site is said to be a woman who appears, climbs stairs and disappears into a stone wall.   Over on my other blog Scare Me On Fridays tonight, we are celebrating the being of the Countdown to Halloween by watching a lot of Haunted House films, I thought this would dove-tail well with the theme.  Also, I had intended to do a Maya post over there every Friday, or at least every week, which hasn't worked out so well due my heavy schedule this year, BUT I did manage to get a post up on these ruins earlier in the year, that post can be accessed here.

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