Thursday, October 4, 2012

Native Monster Or No? El Chupacabra

This photo taken from a video that was shot a couple of years back appears to show a strange creature as to yet known to science.  It was even taken up as an investigation by the Fact Or Faked crew (see here, warning:  this also includes the "Nightly News Alien"!  ;-))  I've looked up whether any such creatures might reasonably be found in ANY native art or petroglyphs any where in the New World and came up Nada.  In fact, according to Wikipedia the Chupacabra wasn't even reported until 1995; of course, that didn't stop "The X-Files" from jumping on the band wagon barely two years later with a "chupacabra" episode featuring Ray Cruz (now "Major Crimes" and formerly of "The Closer) that had something to do with some sort bacteria or acid rain....or something.  The Discovery channel posted this article for Halloween claiming the mystery to be solved.  Truthfully, everything from Coyotes or Mexican Wild Hairless Dogs have been mistaken for The Goat Sucker.  This creature is strange though.  It is actually thought to be a cross between and coyote and wolf...I didn't even know that was possible...  I suppose it could pose a threat to does that qualify as El Chupacabra, I guess that just depends on how one looks at the subject.


  1. the green guys dont even look like chupacabra

  2. Hey they are Mexican else would they dress as chupacabra? :-)