Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Easy Spicy Hot Chocolate For The Holidays

Or for any cold weather for that matter!  This, again, if from famed Native American food writer and ethnobologist E. Barrie Kavasch and her festival cookbook Enduring Harvests.  This is really more of a suggestion that an actual recipe and it can easily be varied depending of the type of chocolate mix or hot chocolate recipe you favor.  It really very, very simple!

Simply make a recipe of you favorite hot chocolate, whatever that may be.  Get out a mollinillo or other whip or whisk and froth with some real vanilla extract and some pure powdered allspice.  That's it!  You may garnish with additional allspice.  Of course, the variastions here are almost endless!  Any other native ingredient may be whisked in; and, of course, it will depend on what type of chocolate you are using in the first place.  Honestly, I think this is a great way to spruce up some of the powdered mixes that are easy to make, but leave quite a lot to be desired as a finished product.

Yum!  Christmas Chocolate!

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