Wednesday, September 30, 2015

About Upcoming Countdown To Halloween Particicpation

I know this is literally the first post this year since the first of the year.  I had actually intended to skip the countdown here this year, because I recently took advantage of an unexpected oppoturnity to reboot my silent movie blog Silent Wierdness, which didn't have any more activity than this blog did.  Running a food blog is harder than film blog, and I've been trying to get actual photos that I can use from my own kitchen, as so many photos and graphics out there on the web are not free-use or just don't exist in the first place --that costs money (cameras, setups, etc.) As I have stated in the past I home school my son, who is special needs child and getting older and work from home at the same time--so aside from Friday time that I set aside for as much mental space as I can carve out over on my live blog at Scare Me I haven't had much time for anything else (of course, there are always the "everdays" that we all have to deal with:  broken facet here, car trouble there....) I had actually intended to re-boot here or perhaps even move the blog entirely to a family setting at another blog site entirety at the first of the year; but then I found out that I'm not in the over-loaded blog boat alone.  One brave John Ronzum over at the Countdown To Halloween blogspot is bravely going it alone this year, with his daughter Daphne encoding the really cool badges this year--what the heck.  Let's give them a big shout out of support and enjoy the month!

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