Friday, November 2, 2012

Boiled Devil's Claw Pods or "Unicorns"

Boiled Devil's Claw Pods

As noted above in the titled these are also called "Unicorns" because of the long  "tails" on the pods that resemble a single horn as they grow.  Really, to me, they look like fat elongated okra pods; they are "fuzzy" like okra and can be treat in exactly the same way when cooking (though I'm not sure that they are a good substitute in gumbo).

Very young Devil's Claw pods no more than 2 inches in length
Vegetable Brush
Large Pan Boiling Water
Butter or favorite nut oil or butter
Lemon (optional)

1.  Wash the pods under cold running water, scrapping with a vegetable brush.

2.  Add a large amount of salt to boiling water (at least 1 tbsp.), plunge the pods in and boil until just tender.  

3.  Toss i melted butter, nut or butter, serve with lemon wedges if liked.

Note:  these pods can be a bit bitter, some people like to blanch them once in plain boiling water and then boil them in the salted water.

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